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This short video has been transferred from a film taken by Allesina Davey during wartime, when many evacuees were moved to Beckford to escape the bombings in the large cities. Vera, one of the evacuees, transferred the original cine film to video tape and wrote a short narrative to accompany the film - an extract of this narrative in included here as a guide for those wishing to re-live their wartime memories.
This video takes about 10 minutes to run and may take some time to download, so be patient!
There is a superimposed music on the video...

The opening scenes are of "Beckford Carnival" in May 1940, Signora is Carnival Queen with several maids in waiting following. Captain Davey also appears.

A red coach arrives carrying the evacuees to Beckford, Vera is the first to be seen with the other three girls following. We are now riding bicycles down the drive from where the orchard gate was.

A garden party held during July 1940 with tug-o-war and other sports.

Captain Davey joined in the gas mask practice - they even tried the gas masks on the goats!

Four girls making a large snowman. The old swing and archway for roses is visible in the background. A quick glimpse of 'Yippie" the little black dog runs across the front.

The Catholic Procession.

The home Guard practicing their drill near the Village Hall.

Finally, more fun and games in the field at the back and side of the VIllage Hall. The swing had been borrowed from the Manor House for the day.

A few children's races and 'goes' on the small railway.