-  Updated on Friday 17th May 2024 05:05pm
24th June 2024 11:34am

On our final day in the Yorkshire Dales we went to the Hawes Market. Another language altogether....

23rd April 2024 3:28pm

26th March 2024 4:17pm

Some of you may have noticed on the bridge over the river Carrant in Crashmore Lane a new gadget has appeared attached to the bridge. This is a river level monitoring station installed by the Environment Agency. The station went 'live' around 15th November last year and transmits its data every 15 minutes. I have now added an extra menu item to the weather menu on this website called river level. This shows a live graph of the river levels at the bridge and compares this with the rainfall in the Vale and on Bredon Hill.

When Crashmore Lane flooded back on 18th February this year the level showed 2 metres; therefore any level around 2 metres indicates that Crashmore Lane (and possibly Back Lane in Beckford) is liable to flood. As you can see by looking at the historical data the river level is not directly related to rainfall levels as there are many other factors to consider.

30th June 2022 3:11pm

IMG_3364A short ride up the hill today. Had to stop and take a photo and video of the poppies up near Lalu Farm.

19th June 2022 11:11am

We went to ring the bells this morning and found this huge tree blocking the road in the High Street...

21st May 2022 5:12pm

This is something we don't see often at our pond, especially as we do not have any fish!

30th November 2021 3:23pm

This is our latest addition to our conservatory.

11th August 2021 2:12pm

On a recent visit by our 12 year old grand daughter from Scotland, who is learning the bagpipes, we decided to treat the residents of Beckford to a bagpipe rendition from the Church Tower.

17th July 2021 4:50pm

Recently we have had a pair of Magpies in our garden that seem to be very happy mixing with the other wildlife

6th November 2020 8:23pm

C16D3A6B-24E7-48E9-B3F2-7A11E40A0686A fantastic morning for walk on Bredon Hill. The views were stunning, despite the mist still lingering on the Cotswolds.