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Generated energy for the period 1 April to 18 April (midnight) 2018
(if you click on the 'day' below, the graph above shows the power output for that day)

Day Garage Energy House Energy Total Energy
Sunday April 12.640 KWh9.358 KWh11.998 KWh
Monday April 22.252 KWh8.379 KWh10.631 KWh
Tuesday April 32.762 KWh10.308 KWh13.070 KWh
Wednesday April 41.197 KWh8.864 KWh10.061 KWh
Thursday April 54.556 KWh16.081 KWh20.637 KWh
Friday April 63.668 KWh13.828 KWh17.496 KWh
Saturday April 71.443 KWh7.649 KWh9.092 KWh
Sunday April 80.907 KWh4.419 KWh5.326 KWh
Monday April 90.908 KWh4.427 KWh5.335 KWh
Tuesday April 101.061 KWh5.118 KWh6.179 KWh
Wednesday April 110.404 KWh2.285 KWh2.689 KWh
Thursday April 120.338 KWh1.931 KWh2.269 KWh
Friday April 131.323 KWh5.963 KWh7.286 KWh
Saturday April 145.227 KWh16.475 KWh21.702 KWh
Sunday April 151.657 KWh7.914 KWh9.571 KWh
Monday April 163.720 KWh12.201 KWh15.921 KWh
Tuesday April 170.678 KWh3.357 KWh4.035 KWh
Wednesday April 186.210 KWh19.293 KWh25.503 KWh
Total energy generated this month from garage roof...40.95 KWh
Total energy generated this month from house roof...157.85 KWh
Total energy generated this month ...198.80 KWh
Total energy generated from garage roof...8116.94 KWh
Total energy generated from house roof...14533.27 KWh
Total energy generated to date...22650.21 KWh