-  Updated on Saturday 14th January 2023 12:17pm

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Generated energy for the period 1st January to 29 January 2023

(if you click on the 'day' below, the graph above shows the power output for that day)

Day Garage Energy House Energy Total Energy
Monday January 300.867 KWh4.397 KWh5.264 KWh
Sunday January 290.635 KWh3.974 KWh4.609 KWh
Saturday January 280.290 KWh1.643 KWh1.933 KWh
Friday January 270.304 KWh1.674 KWh1.978 KWh
Thursday January 260.607 KWh2.972 KWh3.579 KWh
Wednesday January 250.446 KWh2.147 KWh2.593 KWh
Tuesday January 240.806 KWh5.343 KWh6.149 KWh
Monday January 230.536 KWh5.390 KWh5.926 KWh
Sunday January 220.660 KWh3.367 KWh4.027 KWh
Saturday January 210.712 KWh2.885 KWh3.597 KWh
Friday January 200.702 KWh5.108 KWh5.810 KWh
Thursday January 190.682 KWh4.352 KWh5.034 KWh
Wednesday January 180.709 KWh4.315 KWh5.024 KWh
Tuesday January 170.495 KWh4.356 KWh4.851 KWh
Monday January 160.243 KWh3.332 KWh3.575 KWh
Sunday January 150.487 KWh4.033 KWh4.520 KWh
Saturday January 140.393 KWh2.133 KWh2.526 KWh
Friday January 130.243 KWh2.938 KWh3.181 KWh
Thursday January 120.254 KWh1.532 KWh1.786 KWh
Wednesday January 110.242 KWh1.265 KWh1.507 KWh
Tuesday January 100.116 KWh0.724 KWh0.840 KWh
Monday January 90.459 KWh2.673 KWh3.132 KWh
Sunday January 80.421 KWh2.251 KWh2.672 KWh
Saturday January 70.198 KWh1.947 KWh2.145 KWh
Friday January 60.481 KWh2.625 KWh3.106 KWh
Thursday January 50.394 KWh1.917 KWh2.311 KWh
Wednesday January 40.225 KWh1.368 KWh1.593 KWh
Tuesday January 30.117 KWh0.711 KWh0.828 KWh
Monday January 20.246 KWh3.816 KWh4.062 KWh
Sunday January 10.326 KWh1.722 KWh2.048 KWh

Energy generated this month from garage roof ... 13.30 KWh
Energy generated this month from house roof ... 86.91 KWh
Total energy generated this month ... 100.21 KWh
Total energy generated from garage roof to date ... 12750.60 KWh
Total energy generated from house roof to date ... 31373.50 KWh
Total energy generated to date ... 44124.10 KWh