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Generated energy for the period 1 November to 30 November 2019
(if you click on the 'day' below, the graph above shows the power output for that day)

Day Garage Energy House Energy Total Energy
Saturday November 300.339 KWh3.657 KWh3.996 KWh
Friday November 290.593 KWh4.547 KWh5.140 KWh
Thursday November 280.294 KWh1.562 KWh1.856 KWh
Wednesday November 270.507 KWh2.630 KWh3.137 KWh
Tuesday November 260.370 KWh2.064 KWh2.434 KWh
Monday November 250.259 KWh1.429 KWh1.688 KWh
Sunday November 240.234 KWh1.258 KWh1.492 KWh
Saturday November 230.128 KWh0.830 KWh0.958 KWh
Friday November 220.185 KWh1.015 KWh1.200 KWh
Thursday November 210.108 KWh0.676 KWh0.784 KWh
Wednesday November 200.436 KWh2.254 KWh2.690 KWh
Tuesday November 190.621 KWh3.296 KWh3.917 KWh
Monday November 180.729 KWh5.305 KWh6.034 KWh
Sunday November 170.205 KWh1.181 KWh1.386 KWh
Saturday November 160.873 KWh3.839 KWh4.712 KWh
Friday November 150.207 KWh1.289 KWh1.496 KWh
Thursday November 140.093 KWh0.646 KWh0.739 KWh
Wednesday November 131.041 KWh5.025 KWh6.066 KWh
Tuesday November 120.305 KWh1.646 KWh1.951 KWh
Monday November 111.057 KWh4.552 KWh5.609 KWh
Sunday November 100.632 KWh5.031 KWh5.663 KWh
Saturday November 90.219 KWh1.178 KWh1.397 KWh
Friday November 80.841 KWh3.384 KWh4.225 KWh
Thursday November 71.311 KWh5.638 KWh6.949 KWh
Wednesday November 60.511 KWh2.505 KWh3.016 KWh
Tuesday November 50.428 KWh2.073 KWh2.501 KWh
Monday November 41.164 KWh4.909 KWh6.073 KWh
Sunday November 30.528 KWh4.448 KWh4.976 KWh
Saturday November 20.572 KWh2.756 KWh3.328 KWh
Friday November 10.473 KWh2.321 KWh2.794 KWh
Total energy generated this month from garage roof...15.26 KWh
Total energy generated this month from house roof...82.94 KWh
Total energy generated this month ...98.21 KWh
Total energy generated from garage roof...9971.88 KWh
Total energy generated from house roof...21246.10 KWh
Total energy generated to date...31217.98 KWh