(Updated on Thursday 21st February 2019 09:28am)

Davis Vantage Pro2Data on this page is collected form our Davis Vantage Pro2 professional weather station. The data from the weather station is linked directly to this website - click here to view the data.

We have a local summary page for weather data going back to 2006 from our old weather station.

It is also still linked to the Met Office. Click here for the Met Office view of our data. This webiste gives more information about the local weather.

Met Office (WOW)

You can also check out the latest satelite images for the UK click here.

For a local Met Office forecast click here (Stanway House and Fountain)

Sunrise 07:08 Length of visible day is 11:46 Moon rise 21:31
Moon set 08:50
Sunset 17:34 The Moon's phase is Waning Gibbous
The Moon's face is 91% illuminated
Full moon in current lunar cycle - Tuesday 19th February at 15:53
Full moon in the next lunar cycle - Thursday 21st March at 01:43

Summary of conditions during the last 24 hours (last update - 23:15)

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Summary data from the past year