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Summary for the period from the 1st to the 6th of December 2023

Maximums and minimums
Maximum temperature: 8.2 °C at 10:55 on 04 December
Minimum temperature: -3.7 °C at 20:15 on 01 December
Maximum humidity: 97 % at 21:45 on 02 December
Minimum humidity: 92 % at 00:00 on 01 December
Maximum dew point: 7.8°C at 10:55 on 04 December
Minimum dew point: -4.7°C at 20:15 on 01 December
Minimum wind chill: -5°C at 07:30 on 02 December
Maximum barometric pressure: 1017.8 mB at 06:00 on 06 December
Minimum barometric pressure: 993.7 mB at 07:15 on 04 December
Maximum wind gust: 20 mph from the S at 00:40 on 03 December
Maximum Generated Power (Garage): 132 W at 12:50 on 1 December
Maximum Generated Power (House): 1092 W at 12:55 on 6 December
Maximum Generated Energy: 2.195 KWh on 1 December

Average temperature for December: +2.6°C
Average temperature for 2023: +11.6°C
Average maximum temperature: +4.7°C
Average minimum temperature: +0.3°C
Average maximum humidity: 96%
Average minimum humidity: 93%
Average maximum dew point: +4.1°C
Average minimum dew point: -0.4°C
Average minimum wind chill: -0.8°C
Average maximum barometric pressure: 1013 mB
Average minimum barometric pressure: 1005 mB
Average of daily peak wind gusts: 11 mph
Average of daily peak wind gust direction:

Rainfall summary (daily rain less than 0.2mm counts as dry day):
03 Dec ........... 7.8 mm
04 Dec ........... 9.4 mm
05 Dec ........... 2.2 mm
Number of rain days: 3
Maximum rainfall rate: 3.4 mm/hour at 01:05:00 on 03 December
Total rainfall for December: 19.6 mm
Total energy generated (Garage) for December: 0.99 KWh
Total energy generated for (House) December: 5.95 KWh