The Shieling weather - this month's summary

 Latitude N 52° 00' 56"    Longitude W 02° 02' 17"    Elevation 34 m

This month's highs and lows
Temperature and Humidity
Highest Temperature 34.4 °C 15:50 on 14th of August
Lowest Temperature 5.2 °C 06:10 on 6th of August
Highest Dew Point 20.4 °C 14:15 on 2nd of August
Lowest Dew Point 3.4 °C 04:05 on 6th of August
Highest Apparent Temperature 35.1 °C 15:50 on 12th of August
Lowest Apparent Temperature 3.8 °C 06:10 on 6th of August
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature 5.2 °C 06:10 on 6th of August
Highest Heat Index 34.0 °C 16:20 on 12th of August
Highest Minimum 22.0 °C on 15th of August
Lowest Maximum 22.6 °C on 4th of August
Highest Humidity 94.0 % 06:40 on 4th of August
Lowest Humidity 22.0 % 16:50 on 10th of August
Highest Daily Range 20.8 °C on 11th of August
Lowest Daily Range 0.7 °C on 15th of August
Rainfall This Month 0.8 mm
Highest Rain Rate 2.2 mm/hr 09:30 on 3rd of August
Highest Daily Rainfall 0.8 mm on 3rd of August
Highest Wind Gust 27.0 mph 11:30 on 2nd of August
Highest Wind Speed 10-minute Average 15.0 mph 17:30 on 2nd of August
Highest Daily Wind Run 207.0 miles on 2nd of August
Lowest Pressure (sea level) 1002.1 mb 00:30 on 15th of August
Highest Pressure (sea level) 1030.3 mb 11:05 on 6th of August
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